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Mischievous Kiss Final Episode

This part really got to me.. I hurt for him :’(

If you saw me as a replacement for someone else, then you’re the worst. But if I continue liking you despite knowing that, then I’m even worse.

—My Love From Another Star

I’m laughing a lot more than I probably should xD

I love her for this

Some loves are that sweet. And some loves… Are endlessly painful. Love that’s just starting to bud, and older love that’s already taken root… They’re both just as painful and complicated. And another love… Ends before it even has the chance to start. The heart that wants to be conveyed, never gets conveyed, and even if it does get conveyed, never reaches the other persons heart. In the end, when it comes to matters of love, it may be that we never learn to grow into adults.

—I Need Romance 3

I thought about it. I thought about why it is that I like you. But I couldn’t find the answer. Just why it is that I like you… There is no reason for it. But, I think I love you because there are no reasons for it. But that’s how it should be. No rhyme or reason. If you love someone because of a reason, then once that reason disappears, then it means that the love you have for that person will change. I like you without any rhyme or reason. Just because you’re you.

—I Need Romance 3